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We offer the Parent Mentor Program and more!

Minnesota One-Stop Programs


Parent Mentor Program

Parent Mentors are highly screened and are skilled at engaging families and navigating the legal and child welfare systems.

Parent Mentors are available in counties throughout the state of Minnesota. See our current service area at right.


Parent Mentors are currently available in these counties.

North Region: St. Louis & Carlton
Twin Cities: Hennepin & Ramsey

Homelessness Initiative

Helps families move from shelter to housing.

Chemical Dependency with Wayside

Helping moms navigate the child protection system while they complete treatment.

Mothers' First

Provides peer recovery support services to persons with Opioid Use Disorders (OUD). Peer Recovery support workers provide supports to pregnant and postpartum women with OUDs early in their recovery.

Home Visiting MN Partnership 

Provides supports to  parents in child protection who need parenting education. Weekly parenting groups available.

youth Reachout

This new program is coming soon.